The Crystal Ball

The government will control and/or monitor access to money, travel, guns, communication, and assembly. All items necessary to successful revolt will be controlled by government.

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The seer's Crystalline mineral tool reveals how the U.S. government will, if recent trends continue, control the citizens of the United States of America. Their weapons of control will be information, modeling, profiling, and legislation.

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Your Privacy:

Do you subscribe to magazines? A library card? Belong to any clubs that keep records? Have credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages, memberships, automobiles, driver's licenses, hunting licenses, charge cards, debit cards, frequent flyer memberships, passports, permits of any type, a job that reports your income, a telephone, water, gas, cable or satellite TV and electricity, a 401K or other investments, security clearances, legally registered weapons, a pilot's license, a business, or a social security number? Do you rent videos? Do you have "buyer's club" cards that get you discounts at your local supermarket? Do you provide accurate information about yourself and your family to on-line service providers or marketing organizations? Do your children attend public schools? Do you provide accurate information about yourself when you register at hotels, motels, or lodges? Do you use non-encrypted email?

Did you know that, for over a decade, your government has had the capability to monitor every phone, fax, email, and telegram in North America and Europe simultaneously?  I don't know that they monitor 100% as a standard practice - yet.  But they could.

Did you know that as part of the National 911 legislation passed not long ago, all cellular phones sold in the United States in 2001 will be required to have a Global Positioning System (GPS) chip embedded?  That's so, we are assured, that everyone using a cell phone and needing emergency help can be located anywhere in the country.  Of course, that also means that anyone using a cell phone for any purpose can be located, by any agency with the authority to have access to the transmitted GPS location data.  Don't you find that reassuring?  Don't you find it comforting to know that your every movement, if accompanied by an "on" cell phone, could be subject to monitoring?

Or do you value your privacy?  If you do, some people will say, you must be a criminal.  After all, they themselves have nothing to hide . . .  Have you ever heard that type of response from anyone when privacy issues are discussed?  Those people have bought into the idea that any sacrifice of freedom is acceptable if it makes their lives "safer."

Someone once observed that a people who will trade freedom for safety will wind up with neither.

Your government can, and does, access many or all of the above databases (and many others), when they want to, about citizens of interest. How long will it be before computing and connectivity technology will allow them to collect all the information about everyone all the time? How long will it be before they can take the data, plug it into models, and identify citizen groups of interest that might need special attention? How long before any unencrypted email can be read, searched for keywords or "hot" phrases, the results modeled, and, when the government deems appropriate, acted on?

The Crystal Ball says: By 2010. Today this situation exists on an exception basis. A passive or apathetic population, technology and connectivity improvements will move the situation along to the eventual state of full-time, total government monitoring, modeling, and profiling. When that happens your government will form the Bureau of Internal Stability (or some similar euphemistic organization) to deal with what they find.

What can you do? Be conscious of the effort, and refuse to provide personal data (especially your social security number) whenever you can. If you must provide personal data, falsify it (if you don't have to violate law to do so). When placing long distance voice telephone calls, consider using a pay phone and a pre-paid, anonymous calling card. Encrypt your email - do a search on the Web for PGP, a free encryption program that your government hates with a white-hot passion because they cannot break it. Encourage your friends and families to do the same. And lastly, where you can do without some of the services listed in the first paragraph, do so. And take political action - vote against any politico who shows an interest in enlarging the scope of government. Be vocal. Be strident. Join groups of people like yourself who don't keep records. Think of yourself as a soldier in a struggle against total government scrutiny. If you don't, don't complain about your loss of privacy.


So, you want to travel? You think that you will always be able to pick up and move to Tucumcari and get away from the crap being dished out in your current neighborhood? You think you will always be able, as a free American citizen, to go anywhere you want, and start over?


The Crystal Ball says: that by 2010 (again) technology and connectivity improvements will assure monitoring your every move. Here's a general blueprint of how:

Major highways and even some minor ones, probably under the guise of necessity to address traffic density problems or to fight drugs or some other ruse, will be equipped with automated "traffic monitors." These monitors will identify and register every legal vehicle that passes by and forward that information to a centralized processing center. No vehicle in the USA, using any of these highways, will escape tracking. Illegal vehicles (vehicles not properly equipped according to Federal law to facilitate monitoring) will be identified and either confiscated or equipped with monitoring equipment at the owner's expense. Upon arrival in a community not normally your own, the local constabulary will be notified electronically of your presence and location. At the same time your citizen profile, appropriately tagged with a "threat code," will be attached to the notification so that the constabulary can determine for themselves if you need a visit.

Public transportation - airlines, trains, buses, charters of any type - will require positive ID of travelers. The trip will be added to the citizen profile data, and the destination constabulary notified, etc. etc. - see above.

Bicycles, horseback, Amish wagons and other non-motorized forms of travel - probably won't be so closely monitored in 2010. Hitchhiking will bloom anew.

Medical Care:

The Crystal Ball says: that your every visit to a doctor or other medical practitioner will be recorded in a centralized database, accessible to the Federal government for whatever purposes they deem appropriate. The Crystal ball says the keepers of that database will be called the "Medical Information Bureau (MIB)." The Crystal Ball says that the MIB has existed for more than a decade already, and it's far too late for you to worry about it now. Now, you have to figure out how to counter it. Try faith healing, herbs, and do-it-yourself medical books. Good luck.

Have you had a physical lately?  Have your children?  Did you listen to the questions the doctor asked?  Just last week my children had their annual sports physicals - and here are some of the questions they were asked:

    "Is there alcohol in your house?"
    "Do you wear seatbelts?"
    "Any guns in your home?"
I wonder what answers to those questions would have disqualified them from passing the physical.  I also wonder what the answers, dutifully keyed into the computer for dispatch to the MIB, could be used for.  I wonder what other questions will be added to the "medical history" interview in the future.  Say, inside the next ten years . . .

I was pleased that the physician didn't press when I announced from time to time that we would not be answering this or that question.  Apparently answers to some questions aren't mandatory yet.

The Crystal Ball says the MIB will be used to deny medical treatment to citizens that piss the government off, because no doctor will be allowed to treat anyone until they get clearance to do so from the MIB. The Crystal Ball says you won't be able to walk into a doctor's office anonymously and get treated for, say, the clap, and pay cash and walk out.  Hillary Care had that provision in it.

The Crystal Ball says that the MIB could be used for even more nefarious deeds. Imagine for awhile, if you will, how a medication history could be changed by a bureaucrat in order to neutralize a pain in the ass. Imagine how a doctor will be required to follow the MIB's recommendations, or not be a doctor.  Or imagine how the information in the MIB could be used to supplement, for example, gun registration information.

The Crystal Ball detects that you think this is a bit paranoid. The Crystal Ball hopes you're right.

What can you do? - Aside from being careful what answers you give, the Crystal Ball is suddenly cloudy.

Your Money.

Laughable concept. You own nothing. You still won't, in the future. - Oh, wait. You think you own something today? You can name something that you can keep, no matter what? Okay, the Crystal Ball says tell me what you own that the government cannot take away from you if it wants to. If you have such a thing, that is a thing you can say you own.

But back to your money. The Crystal Ball says: a national Transaction Database will be built, and that database will record all income and outgo for every citizen in the United States. This database will record the source of all funds and the recipients of all expenditures. The Crystal Ball says that any funds not recorded therein will be deemed to be suspect and seized, perhaps as part of the aging War on Drugs, by treasurery or DEA agents. No services or merchandise will be allowed to be paid for with cash unless an accompanying transaction summary form is filled out. The merchandise or service provider will be required to submit the information from transaction forms within 24 hours of the exchange. Use of checks or credit cards, of course, since they are automatically recorded in the Transaction Database, will be much easier to use than cash.

The Crystal Ball projects that this Transaction Database will assist in citizen profiling, and deviations from projected cash flow or expenditure category norms will trigger alerts and perhaps prompt federal law enforcement visits to the citizen whose patterns have deviated.


This is easy. The Crystal Ball says: that by 2010 the only legal guns in the United States will be guns that the government knows about - their location, their owners (See "Medical Care", above.) The Crystal Ball says that proof of legal registration will be required before anyone can buy ammunition. Ammunition will be allowed to be purchased only if a certificate of expenditure of previous stockages of ammunition is provided and countersigned by a duly authorized game warden or range official. The Crystal Ball says that a huge underground weapons economy will be thriving, where a person can acquire guns and ammunition illegally. Of course, by definition all the participants in that black market will be criminals.

Odd, isn't it, that citizens exercising their second amendment rights will be criminals?

The Crystal Ball says that registration confirmation monitors will call upon you, usually your neighbor's teenage daughters wearing skimpy little federally designed and mandated cheerleader-type uniforms and giggling self-consciously. They will have been taught in public high school that their paid summer civic duty is to knock on your door annually to have you show that you still have the weapons the federal records say you have. If you don't have them, you will have to furnish transfer paperwork to show where they went, or you will be (you guessed it) a terrorist, drug dealer, or arms merchant. Off to jail with you. - Oh, yes. The teenage daughters: They will be used because first the Feds, then the deputized local law enforcement officials will have lost an unacceptably high percent of monitor agents to irate gun owners. Some innovative bureaucrat will guess that the casualty rate among cute, semi-clad teenage neighbor girls that are known to all by their first names will be much lower, and he will be right.

What can you do? Buy guns now. Buy them from private citizens or collectors or anyone else who won't ask you to fill out registration forms. Buy ammunition, a couple hundred rounds for each weapon (but don't exceed federal ammunition stockpiling limits.) Then hide most of them (enough for your family and two other trusted friends) where only you and those you trust can get to them; keep one or two legally registered ones in the house so that when the confiscation forces arrive they can at least find something. Be really upset at having them confiscated, use bad language. Then, after they've gone, join the revolution, because it'll be time.

The New American Revolution

A nation divided against itself cannot stand.  Thanks in part to the strident preaching of the wonders of multiculturalism - in contrast to " . . . One nation, under God . . ." -  the population of the United States is divided against itself in many ways.  However, the most important of those ways, the division that will spark the new American Revolution, exists in the form of two opposing views of the role of government in this country.  One view is that it is government's job to take care of each and every citizen in this country, from womb to tomb.  The other view is that it is government's job to provide for the common defense and a few other lesser chores, and otherwise stay the hell out of people's lives.

The new American Revolution is already under way.  With luck, it will be conducted without violence.  The two sides will face off and come out swinging, metaphorically speaking.  One side will consist of all government employees, all government resources, and those citizens who feel it is government's job to look after us like a favorite, indulgent nanny.  The other side will be made up of individualists, productive citizens, taxpayers, and the Constitutionalists.

It will be, perhaps more accurately, a civil war.

The Crystal Ball says:  The winner will be the latter group, in the long run, because the former group (the nanny state advocates) is not used to working for what they get.  Fighting will be too inconvenient, especially when they know that all the other group really wants is to be left alone within Constitutional boundaries.  However, in the unlikely event that the nanny-staters win, you will see a massive exodus of productive, talented people from this country.  What will remain will be takers - but eventually there won't be anyone to take from.  In time the government will print more money out of thin air, money not generated by productivity, and massive inflation will set in because even the nanny-staters - as well as the rest of the world's economy - will see that, with no one to pay taxes or produce anything of value, there is nothing to back up the currency.  This will lead to massive starvation, hoarding of food and other essentials, and internal strife (perhaps another revolution) that will, for a time, result in the Balkanization of the United States as regional power centers are established.  These power centers will equate roughly to medieval European fiefdoms, and run approximately the same way.  There will be inter-regional trade, tarrifs, and wars.

You can imagine for yourself where, in this world of nations who hate the United States, this situation will eventually lead.


Legislation generates two products:  changed behavior, and criminals.

This country is very good at legislating.  That is why whe have the highest percentage of population in prisons and jails of any of the so-called "civilized" countries of the world.

The Crystal Ball says:  Our government's unstated objective in passing legislation is to create so many ways for any freedom-loving, self-reliant citizen to be in violation of law that everyone is a criminal if a police state official or federal investigator were to dig deep enough.

Why is that important to our government?  If someone were to prove to be a thorn in the flesh of government (or someone with clout in government), some violation could be uncovered that would make the individual susceptible to either extortion or imprisonment.

How better to handle dissidents?  Take a lesson from China, while we're taking their money in exchange for the deaths millions in our future American cities . . .

What can you do?  Vote for people who will eliminate legislation, or who will vote to block passage of legislation.  Don't measure a Congress's productivity by how many laws they pass, measure it by how many laws they've repealed.

Race and Racism

Racism.  One of the 'hottest' of words to use today in the United States.  You hear it all the time.  Racism is bad, you hear.  Racism is everywhere.  We need to fix it.

What does that mean, really?  What, exactly, is racism?

To start with, let's get a definition of race.  A race, for our purposes, is a subspecies designation of Homo Sapiens.  Typically it is based on skin color, the epicanthic folds, bone structural differences, hair differences, lip differences, etc.  To provide a parallel, a collie is a race of dog, as is a German Shepard.  Interracial breeding produces healthy offspring, usually healthier than breeding kept within a race (a topic for another discussion, perhaps).

Now, racism is the taking of action with the specific intent to benefit one racial group more than another.  Conversely, it can be taken to punish one racial group more than another.  The actions must be based on race or ethnicity as a discriminator, although other discriminators may be included.  However, if race or ethnicity is a discriminator, the action can accurately be termed 'racist.'

A 'racist' policy or action, then, either benefits or hurts a group of people because of their skin color.

Here are examples of racist policies:
A.  Affirmative Action
B.  Minority Set-Asides
C.  Quota Systems
D.  Scholarships specifically for people of certain skin colors
E.  Special career paths specifically for people of certain skin colors
F.  Recognition programs specifically for people of certain skin colors
G. Legislation that extends special protections or advantages to people of certain skin colors

How do you know if you are a racist?  Ask yourself some basic questions.  If you answer "Yes" to any of them, you have racist beliefs.

Question 1:  Is it okay to have a "United Negro College Fund", but not okay to have a "United White College Fund?"
Question 2:  Is it okay to favor one race over another in considering who to admit to colleges?
Question 3:  Is discrimination okay, as long as it favors minorities?
Question 4:  Is it okay to have a "Congressional Black Caucus", but not okay to have a "Congressional White Caucus?"
Question 5:  Is it okay to hire in such a way that the company ensures a representative diversity in its workforce?
Question 6:  Is it okay to not hire a white so that a minority who is equally qualified can be hired?
Question 7:  Is it okay to not hire a minority so that a white who is equally qualified can be hired?

The Crystal Ball says:  The average American won't understand this, because it is not in the interests of the minority population and most of the liberal political establishment to tell them the truth.  And, sadly, recognizing the truth of this discussion requires one to think for a few moments.  That is not something the typical voter in this country is inclined to do, if recent demonstrations of their wisdom is any indicator.

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