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Tales of Phil and El
The Early Years of Phil and El
Tale #
Yellow Parakeet
2 Hope
3 The Argument
4 The Dare
5 The Trap
No Difference
7* Skinny Dipping
8 The Bomb Shelter
9 The Clearing
10 Choices
11 Mid-Day Nightmare
12 I Hate You
13 The Trip
14 Welcome to Newberry
Note:  Blinking *indicates that the story has been changed.
The author would like to note that some of his stories have been previously published elsewhere, and thank the publishers:
The Argument was published originally by Military Brats Online
The Bomb Shelter was published originally by The Fiction Network (no longer on line.)
The Trap and I Hate you were published by EWG Presents
Please check out these other sites. They're worthwhile. - - Gene.
Note:  This is a work in progress.  The author reserves the right to edit and/or rearrange the sequence the  tales.

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