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Tales of Phil and El

If you have not read any of Gene's stories before, we suggest beginning with the collection of earlier stories, now published in book format. If you want to start at the beginning, click the book (right). Otherwise, you can read the stories below that may be in Gene's next anthology,The High School Years.

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The High School Years of Phil and El
The Underclassmen
First Day Blues (Sep 1957)
The Sacrifice (Oct 1957)
The Condon Girl (Nov 1957)
El's Christmas Present (1957)
Luke 10-30 (Jan - Feb 1959)
A War to Win  (Easter, 1959)
Good Friday  (Easter, 1959)
Into Joy from Sadness (Easter, 1959)
The Seniors
Last Year's Demerits(September 1960)
The Misfit  (September 1960)
Birthday Blues (October, 1960)
The Notebook(October, 1960)
The Snowballs  (January 1961)
Too Far  (February 1961)
Denny and Annie-Marie(April 1961)
Assumption of Authority(April 1961)
The Rival  (May 1961)
The Cows Came Home  (May 1961)
Phil's Graduation (June 1961)
Note:  Blinking *indicates that the story has been changed.

Note:  This is a work in progress.  The author reserves the right to edit and/or rearrange the sequence the  tales.

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