Skinny Dipping

Gene Moser
Copyright 1999

Elaine Goodman stood sweaty hand in sweaty hand with Phil Boydon, her boy friend of a month on the shore of the pond deep in the woods. The water looked cool to her, a refreshing shield from the heat of the Virginia summer, especially after their bike ride around the neighborhood and then down the dirt road. She glanced at the blond boy whose hand she was holding, glancing at him from his black sneakers to his crew cut head.

"Sure is hot, Phil." She slipped her hand from his and wiped the sweat from her brow.

He smiled at her. "It is, El. Like Louisiana. You could go wading. You have shorts on. Just stay within about ten feet of the shore. After that it drops off real quick." Flies and gnats swarmed around them as she slipped her hand back into his.

"You've been swimming here?" She'd heard that kids sometimes did. In fact behind them was a huge log and in front of it the remnants of several fires.

He looked away, almost as though he were embarrassed. "Last year a couple of times. With some guys."

They were swimming naked, she thought. That would have been fun to have spied on. "You could roll up your jeans," she suggested. His sweaty face showed he was hot, too.

"Not enough to do much good. Can't even get them to my knee." She was sure he couldn't. Well, it was hot and the water looked cool. She sat down on a convenient log and began to untie her white canvas sneakers. When she was barefoot she walked quickly to the water's edge and began to wade into the tepid water.

"Try, Phil," she said from about five feet from the shore, where the water was almost lapping at her shorts. The water was cooler than the air. She looked at him standing on the bank, legs spread apart and a wild thought came into her head. She'd accidentally seen her older brother George naked last summer. Of course she'd seen him from time to time before, but not in the last four or so years. And then she'd walked into his room and he was on his bed totally nude. Before he'd pulled the sheet over himself she'd seen his thing, a red tipped flag pole instead of the cooked macaroni it had been before. Did Phil look like George? Was he close?

Now barefoot and with his jeans rolled to mid calf, Phil stepped into the water and waded slowly towards her. At least two feet away he stopped, as deep as he could go. This wasn't going to work out, that was for sure. If he saw her naked, what would he think? There really wasn't much to see she knew. But would he laugh?

The water was cool to her feet and legs up to her knees, though flies still buzzed her. She pulled on her pony tail with her left hand. "Ever been skinny dipping, Phil?" she smiled as she asked.

He took one small step closer and turned his face down a bit. "Well, yeah. Sure." There was a long pause. "How about you?" And he turned and took three steps towards land before turning back to face her.

She smiled at him. "Never with a boy. Two years ago two of my cousins did and I did, too. Out in the country near Staunton where they live. How about you?"

"Well, here. And at the YMCA with my scout troop."

She noticed he hadn't said anything about girls. At the Y he surely hadn't. But here? "Ever skinny dip with a girl, Phil?" He must have seen naked girls in Japan when he was there with his army dad.

He looked down and away, for once his eyes were not touching hers. "Once. But it was with another guy's kid sister. She was a pest and wouldn't leave us alone. So we told her we were going swimming naked. And she came anyway. That was the only time."

El smiled. "I don't think a kid sister would count." The beads of sweat down her neck contrasted with the knee deep water and even the soothing mud around her toes. She thought about what her supposed best friend Becky had said, just day before yesterday: "You and Phillip sure spend a lot of time in the woods where the pond is. You two skinny dipping like some high school kids do?" She'd laughed, sharp and unfriendly, like she'd never laughed towards El before.

Without thinking she said, "Want to, Phil?"

She almost laughed as his eyes bulged. "Want to what," he said, loudly.

"You know. What we were talking about." Why was she suddenly so shy?

"You mean...skinny dip? Us?" He scratched his head.

Almost mimicking him, her left hand reached back and unthinkingly tugged her pony tail. "Yes. It's awful hot."

"It sure is,"he said, stepping out of the water onto the grassy bank. She waded towards the shore and him. "You really want to?" She nodded her head and his hands went to his shirt buttons. So they were.

Suddenly she thought about what she had said and realized that she'd been hoping he'd not agree. She couldn't back out now. "You can turn your back and I'll get in the water and turn my back. It's not like we'll really see each other or nothing," she said, watching the shirt unbuttoning, showing his bare chest. His hands left the button he was working on.

"Oh, sure. That's fine." He turned around and walked a few paces from her. As she looked his shirt came off and he hung it on a tree branch next to him.

She turned around, looking out over the water and pulled her blouse over her head. She laid the blue cloth on a small log that jutted into the water. Now what, she thought? Shorts or bra. She hesitated for a moment. Well, shorts, she guessed, and slipped them off, being careful it was only her shorts and put them with her blouse. What if he's stopped? She glanced backwards and saw him pulling his pants off the final leg. As she turned her head back over the pond, she thought she saw him glance back. He's worried too,she thought. Well here goes. She stripped off her bra, threw it towards the log, yanked her cotton panties off and tossed them in the same direction. Then Elaine dashed into the water, not stopping until she was neck deep. "Okay," she called. The water cooled her; maybe it would keep her from blushing.

"Don't look," he said and moments later she heard him splashing in the water. Then he was beside her. She looked over and could see down into the water. It really was clear. The aroma was clear, clean,and fresh, too. But she didn't look down and he didn't seem too, either. Elaine turned and made a jump and began swimming towards the center. She heard him following her. This is fun, she thought.

And it was. The water was clear and at one point they dove to see if they could find bottom. They hadn't found that, but as they rose, she saw Phil entirely, and she was sure that he saw her. And it hadn't bothered her.

It seemed like minutes before she looked at her hands and saw the water wrinkles, as they faced each other in water too deep to touch bottom. "What time is it, Phil?" she asked.

He looked up at the sun. "I'm not sure, but we need to get out. You go first, Elaine. I won't look."

Well, you've seen almost everything, she thought. But his nobility showed clearly through his statement. "That's okay. I'll let you know when you have to turn around." She began to swim towards the shore. About ten feet out she tried for bottom and found it, touching bottom with her toes and began to slowly rise.

If she waited until she were dry and then he came out and did the same, it would be a long time. They might already be late. If they took that much time, they would be late. She'd be in trouble, and he probably would be, too. She glanced back and Phil was breast stroking slowly after her.

Elaine looked towards shore and moved as fast as she could, rising out of the water until she was only knee deep and then turned around, facing Phil, who had stopped where she had just been, so about five feet from her. His eyes widened as his lips parted, not smile, not frown. "Phil, come on. You can't stay in there until I dry off. It's okay."

He hesitated for a second or two and then advanced towards her. Well, she already knew he had a hairless chest, unlike her brother George's. She hoped he didn't think her too immature. She knew she was small; she just hoped he wasn't disappointed. After all, she still sometimes wore her year old first bra.

He stopped several feet from her. She didn't want to, but glanced down and saw his thing was almost like George's. Maybe not as big, but it stuck out from him like a knife. She averted her eyes, knowing why it looked like that and wondering, just for a moment, how it could fit. She could feel a response in her own body, and it was of reception. "Elaine, I can't believe this. You are beautiful. I guess I'm not."

She laughed off key. He knew how he looked and she had to reassure him. "You're my boy friend, my steady, Phil Boydon." She turned around and walked out of the water, heading towards the fallen tree. "You're my handsome army brat. Let's sit on this log and dry off, okay?" She just hoped that her nipples wouldn't be as obvious to him as his erection was to her.

As she turned around she realized that two months ago she'd want to rush to see her friends and let them know how bold she was. And boast that she'd seen a boy stark naked, had seen all of him, even tell about his thing. Not now. This was a precious moment to be shared with Phil and with Phil only. She knew he felt the same way.

The End

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