Who are we? We are writers who live in or near Puyallup, Washington. We aspire to write and market our works as individuals, with the help of our peers. We mostly write fiction, and we do not spend meeting time on poetry.

What do we do? We read and critique each other's works, one chapter or equivalent at a time. We share marketing tips, agency information, horror stories about query letters, and so on.

When do we meet, and where? We meet every second and fourth Wednesday, 6:30, at various places on South Hill. Contact us to find out where the next meeting will be held.

What does it cost? Nothing. There are no dues, no charter, no treasury, no officers. We operate by agreement.

How does one become a member? There is no membership formality. Come, sit in, bring something for us to critique, and critique in return. If you like the format, you'll stay. Otherwise you won't.

Why do we call ourselves the Brutal Writer's Club? Because we're frank in our critiques. Some clubs have rules like "only comment positively." We have a slightly different rule: "only comment constructively." We do our best to improve each other's writing, and we don't feel that sugar-coated "I like it" sort of feedback is constructive. We focus on the SPECIFICS of how to improve the story, especially its credibility, and how to keep the reader up late at night. Hence, sometimes our comments make people uncomfortable. If all you want to hear is how good your writing is, then this may not be the group for you. If your writing is good, you'll hear that from us. But if it needs work, you'll hear that too.

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