Best Friends
Ruthy Faith

*for CoCo Lee* 

I feel your presence all around.
I reach out to you, you can’t be found.
I search for you, near and far.
You are my bright and shining star.
My very best friend, my sun, my life,
Where are you in this time of strife?
Oh, yes!  That’s it!  Now I see!
You presence is inside of me!
And though you may have gone away-
This friendship’s bond will always stay.

*For Adam*

You, the man-me the kite,
You are the master of my flight.
The string between us, fine and thin,
Is the love we hold within.
As winter winds begin to blow,
You become afraid, and let me go.
And now you think “I cannot stay”
So spread you wings and fly away.
I know this cannot be the end-
For in our paths, we’ll meet again

Gus McDotson
*for Justin*

Hug me, and I will know
The deepest secrets of your soul.
I feel your presence before I see
Your sweet face smiling back at me.
Tackle me at train-like speeds,
And through my eyes, my soul you read.
I love you with every breath,
This friendship I cannot express.
An explanation some demand.
But they simply cannot understand-
Although we laugh, poke fun, and tease,
It just between us-it’s a best friend thing.

My Realiy
*for Megan*

I love you.
No other words can describe the bond
we share.
You are wonderful.
Nothing else can express the way you
accepted me.
You are my happiness.
No one can make me smile the way you
You are my reality.
No one is as lovingly honest as you.
You are my life.
You are my best friend.
I love you, Megan.

Faceless Pain
*In loving memory of Joey Pickett*

Your smile beams from an
unknown room in your soul.
For you have never known the
happiness that shows upon your face.
To me, to all of us, your life was filled
with beautiful simplicity and well
rounded teenage dreams.
“What could we have done?”
We all wonder as you are laid into the
The fault must lie with us -
For your face was too beautiful to
Hold so much pain.

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