Christmas Eve

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002
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It was Xmas Eve, would you Believe
The night when Santa Claus comes
So I looked at the Sky for as long as I could
For Santa and some of his Chums

I did want to Peer at all the Reindeer
And hear Santa's "Ho, Ho, Ho,"
But it's hard to keep watching the end of the Bed
Through all of the night you know.

But try as I may, I just couldn't Stay
Awake for all of the Night
So I went off to Sleep, for I just couldn't Keep
My Eyelids from closing so Tight

Then in the Morn, just about Dawn
I awoke as soon as could be
And scrambled on down to the end of the Bed
Looking for presents for Me

Oh how Lucky I was, I know because
Some 'prezzies' were there for me
And for an encore, just one or two more
Under the Xmas Tree.

But there's many a Child not so Lucky
The Man from the Mission Said
So if you've got things you no longer Use
They might use them Instead.

And if you've a mind some Kindness to Find
At this time for Living and Giving
See what you can do for those Unfortunates who
Would enjoy a Yuletide Thanksgiving.

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