The Wizards

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002
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The Wizards all lived in a very Big Cave
Down by the Restless Sea
And ev'ry one knew there was Magic afoot
For there was plenty of Magic to See.

They'd been weaving their Spells for Ages
Even Grandad remembered their Skills
They'd shown their Charms throughout the Land
In the Valleys the Towns and the Hills

And Wizards could make people Better
And come to the Aid of the Weak
They'd lift up the Ones who fell by Life's Way
And Fix up the Pipe with a Leak !

Now There's a spell to stop Babies crying
And another to bring on a Smile
But a Favorite spell would Ring the School Bell
And stop Classes - but Just for a while !

And all sorts of Good things would Happen
When Wizards were working Their Spells
The Thunder would stop, the Sea would Go Calm
And the Sick would Arise and get Well

Now Wizards may come when you need them
And Perhaps, they'll provide you with Aid
But don't Bank on them giving Assistance
For the Union says " They're Underpaid. " !!

So while One may Hope for some Magic
From Wizards and Goblins and Elves
The Truth of the Matter, more often than Not
Is that We Can but Rely - on Ourselves !!

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