Surf's Up

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002
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This is no Story of great Surfing Glory,
Of a Rave on a Three Metre Wave
No, it's simply a Tale, of a Juvenile Male
Entranced by a wild Surfing Crave

He'd been given a 'Board for his Birthday
. An "El Cheapo" of Polystyrene
And he wanted the Thrill of Riding the Waves
Just Like the Big Boys He'd Seen

Now he hadn't the Hide to stand up and Ride
And certainly not to "Hang Ten"
He'd no wish to brave the Cave of a Wave
Or ride on the Biggies like Men

No, he just had a Fad to go with his Dad
Out in the water, waist High
To lie on the Board and Await the Reward
When the Big One came powering by

And on the Wave Bore, right to the Shore
And it was neat to Steer with the Feet
But it wasn't Unknown for our Lad to be Thrown
But he'd never admit to Defeat.

But please never Fear, or Shed you a Tear
Our Lad may Sink, but he'll Surface
He'll be Gasping for Air but he'll Rise to the Dare
And return to the Waves with a Purpose.

So Ignore those Smart Knaves riding the Waves
And stick to your wee Boogie Board
It's a Joy to be had by each Lad with his Dad
And some Fun that Most can Afford.

But if you've a Mind some Excitement to Find
Try Surfing in on a Curler
"Surf's Up" is the call, So let's have a Ball,
"Quick Boy, Here comes a Purler !!"

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