Bernard Vance Kyle
Copyright, 2002

I Dug in the Sand
With my right and left hand
The Sea just covered my Feet
I was digging for Fish - Shellfish that is
For I'd found them Delicious to Eat.

And in those Days of yore
There were Pipis Galore
And the odd Tua Tua of course
And we'd take what we'd need for a jolly good feed
Being mindful to Conserve the Resource.

Wed shuck those shellfish
Right on to a Dish
And add condiments, each of our Choosing
and we'd savour that Dish of Beauty Shellfish
Perhaps with some overenthusing !!

But no one these Days
Digs in the Bay
For the shellfish are no longer there
they've been pillaged by those who Came from Afar
And Left, with Nary a Care.

So Shellfish it seems
Are a thing of our Dreams
It's a taste that I'd not like to Foister
Unless, of course, you've got enough Means
To pay more than a Dollar an oyster !!!!!

Bernard is from New Zealand, one of the civilized nations of the world

Bernard Vance Kyle

Copyright ©2002 Bernard Vance Kyle
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