A Drinking Problem

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002
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What say that We Two, - That's Just me and You,
Try something from My Wine Selection
We'll put out the Cat and straight after That
Go searching for Vintage Perfection !!??

Now I've got Me an Imported Merlot
And some Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
And Fit for a Spree is this Fine Pinot Gris
Or this bottle of Cabernet Franc.

And what would You Say, to a Cool Chardonnay ?
I Suspect you'd Smile - and Resist ?
For While it may Cheer I know that you fear
You''ll end up with Me,- Getting Pissed !!

But do Try some of this Riesling,
It's from an Ancient and Favoured Grape Class
But don't Overdo it or you're likely to Rue it
And even Fall Flat on your Ass !!

Now perhaps Before Bed, you could try a Nice Red
Like Syrah or this Lusty Cab. Sav.,
But you really should Know, they could both make you go
And spend much of Next Day on the Lav...!

So this Drinking has Many a Problem,
There's Troubles with All Forms of Booze
When you're Lying in Bed with a Thumping Great Head
It's Damn Hard to know - What to Choose. ?

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