Porky the Pig

Bernard Vance Kyle
Copyright, 2002

Now Porky the Pig was not very Big
But everyone knew he would Grow
And with Positive Talk he put on the Pork,
That's what Little Pigs do, you know !

And Porky grew Fat - no I shouldn't say that
If I did I would be Mistaken,
For what Porky had done was just the Forerun
Of Beautiful mild Streaky Bacon !

Now 'Ye Ole British Breakfast's ' no longer Trad
With Pork Sausages, fried eggs and Bacon ???
But Farmers who need to keep up their Strength
Start Partakin' soon after a'Wakin' !

And now that you know the facts of the Case
I'm sure you'll have no illusions
For if you're as smart as I think that you are
You'll be able to draw some conclusions !!!

Bernard is from New Zealand, one of the civilized nations of the world

Bernard Vance Kyle

Copyright ©2002 Bernard Vance Kyle
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