Nil Nisi Bonum

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002

Now my Latin is Rated as 'Rusty"
That's as Nice as it could be Said
But "de Mortuis nil nisi Bonum"
Is " Speak nothing but good of the Dead !"

But Ah Ha, you say , as Well you May
Why Treat these People as Gods
Why shouldn't we Scoff at those who Pop off
And rest Six Feet under The Sods ???

Now That's a Most Pertinent Question
And One that I'd Much Like to Pose
To The author of '...Nil Nisi Bonum"
But Alas, He Lies deep in Repose...

So the Best I can do, is to say unto you
When we Turn up our toes and we Die
We've just gone and Been Disadvantaged
'Cos we've then Lost our Right of Reply ....!!!

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