The Lamb (With crowd reactions in parentheses)

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002
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There was a Lamb, a Happy Lamb
So always Bright and Merry
For he was Born on a Farm
In mid Canterbury [ Yea ! ]

Now Canterbury Lamb 'tis said
Has got to be the Best
It's known 'round the World you know
So just Forget the Rest [ Kapai ! ]

And the Lamb would play throughout the day
With little of Travail
Till one day the Farmer came
And Lopped off all his Tail! [ooh ! ]

And those farming Hicks were full of tricks
For With huge and hairy Hands
They'd grab those Lambs, destined as rams
And apply the Rubber Bands!!! [ oooooh ouCH !]

Now each dirty trick was mighty slick
Each one so deft and fast
When Farmer Ted just up and said
"The next will be your last" [ Hurray ! ]

So Lambs may come and lambs may go
Just taken off by force
Then show, perchance, at Dinner time
With Three Veg. and Mum's mint sauce !.... [ Booooo ! ! / Shame ! ! / Yummy !!! ]

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