The Australian Drought

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002
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Oh Jeez it's dry and its no wonder why
We've had weeks and weeks without rain
I'm telling you mate, this farming's not great
And in truth, it's a hell of a pain.

Now it needn't be said, But old Farmer Ted
Predicted what this is about
He said he'd a fear. as he cried in his Beer
That we're in for a Hell of a drought

The Sun's burning down the fields are all brown
The stocks gone searching for shade
The Dams running low, the ground water's gone
Of Grass ? there's nary a blade.

Now there's Emu and 'Roo and damned Cockatoo
Parrots and Finches - the lot
Looking for feed and taking no heed
Of nought but Guns and lead shot.

And we've got the great need to buy in some feed
And it's causing plenty of Pain
Let's hope we hold out, in Spite of the Drought
Till there's rain, rain, and more rain.

That Creek bed's gone dry, no word of a lie
What can we do to get water
Most of the stock's gone off to the works
I'm afraid there's not any quarter

But this is no prank and that Wank' from the Bank
Reminds us we are indebted
To his great big concern which continues to earn
Millions of Dollars unfettered.

But when we've lost hope and no one can cope
And we're going to be pushed off our Land
We'll ask the dear "Guv'ment" to give us some help
But don't hold your Breath .... understand ??

Now we've struggled before, in days of Yore
And there's something to learn ev'ry season
There's plenty of Woe, but we'll give it a go
The Challenge....Enough of a reason

We've Farmed all our life, in all sorts of Strife
And we've made it through thick and through Thin
But with help from our Mates - and some from Above
We'll stick it on out -- and we'll win....

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