A Dieter's Lament

Bernard Vance Kyle

Copyright, 2002

I'm off Chocolate Creams 'cos I bulge at the seams
And I'm nary as svelte as I am in my Dreams
I guess I should Try one of those Dieting Schemes
[ But it would be a Great Waste of Money !!!! ]

My Haunch they say is as big as my Paunch
And some Diet Control I'll just have to Launch
But when it comes to such things, I'm not very Staunch
[ I Guess I really need Willpower !!!!]

My Doctor's a man, a man of Insistence
Who keeps on Talking 'bout Insulin Resistance
He's getting me down just through his persistence
[ But he ought to know he can't Win !!! ]

So dieters all, across this Great Nation
Take Courage and Join in this Lamentation
Keep Consuming those Cals - but with Strict Moderation
And Hope it provides a Slimming Sensation !!!!!!

Bernard is from New Zealand, one of the civilized nations of the world

Bernard Vance Kyle

Copyright ©2002 Bernard Vance Kyle

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