What's For Dessert ??

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002

Would you Like some 'Sweeties?'
To end your evening Meal ?
Just to keep things Balanced !
And Maintain an Even Keel...!!!

I'm sure You'd Like to try Some
But one needs a good Excuse
To indulge in such a Manner
And not incur Abuse !!

But never Mind, Let's be Kind
We'll Practice Moderation
"We've heard all that before" you Say
"From the Younger Generation...!"

Now one could Start, with Apple Tart
Oh Boy, I do like this,
But just, Perhaps , the Brandy Snaps
Wont really go Amiss ?

Or Perhaps a Flan, Made by Nan,
A Trifle, Mousse, or Fruit
Ice Cream is one that's always Nice
And "Ye Olde Steamed Pud" is Beaut.

But perhaps you'd Like Pavlova
Or a piece of Pecan Pie
A Meringue or Two could be for You
Or a Sorbet you could Try ?

And when Temptation Beckons
You'll need a Friendly Caution
For if You're Weak, or Slimness seek
You can Have a Smaller Portion !

But if All of this Confuses
And Hard, it Sure can Be
You Can Always go Without you Know
And have a Cup of Tea !!


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