Whersa beef?

Jesse Cahn

Kopirite 1996

I red some angry words here last few days
Whats evyone so mada bout?
Whats rong with hotels and shopping malls
and two by fors and speaking out?

Dont evyone want nice things and good food
For themsefs and theyr kids?
And if they do and say so plain and klere
They get jumpton (I cant rime kids).

Evyone hasa house and chare and tabel
and cabnets and toys mada wood.
And cooks and heets with flame or elektricity
To keep theyr families hapy and good.

ANd we drive botes and planes and cars with gas
we get froma grownd.
Dont these pepul wanta go places?
But those angry riters frownd.

I ges they dont use wood or gas or elektricity.
I ges they dont ete mete.
I ges they rase theyr kids on grass and weeds
And don't put lether on theyr feet.

Maybe they shop by phone or by AOL
Or have a frend do it for them.
Maybe they dont go places
Unles they drive theyr wooden wagon.

Maybe they use candals made from hog lard
- no, they wudnt do that, wud they?
- To rede by at nite.
Mebe they only rede during the day.

Maybe all those angry riters who say those awful things
nede a good stake with all the trimmings.
ANd some white lightnin to makeum smile,
So's they think betr aftr while.

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