Pulling Me Back Into My Quiet Darkness

Ruthy Faith
Copyright 1999

The ocean softly calls my name.
"Come to me, relieve your pain."
My hope is like a fragile flame
In the path of pouring rain.

The gentle waves lure me in.
And all I want is just one swim.
And if death takes me, then let it be.
My pain has finally been set free.

To the waves I toss my soul.
Leaving me only partly whole.
This rain that melts me is so cold.
And on my life I have no hold.

The only thing worth fighting for
Is lying dead on the ocean floor.
Therefore I shall fight no more.
And to my heart, there is no door.

As I prepare myself for the dive,
Someone I love pulls me aside.
I try to say my sad goodbyes.
But he forces me to survive.
And I hate him from deep inside.
"This was my escape!" I cry.
And a part of me, this night, has died.

Pull me back for your own sake.
I will be breathing when you wake.
But my soul the ocean take.
And this smile I no longer fake.
And in love I lost my stake.

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