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Phil and El grow up together and apart. Their paths continue to cross throughout their lives. Gene has assembled a multi-part anthology of short stories to tell the reader the stories of their lives. Is your manuscript ready?  Let the Blizzard Guy review it for you.  Click for more info!

If you have not read any of Gene's stories before, we suggest beginning with the collection of earlier stories.

His first book covers the early years of Phil and El's relationship, from the time they're barely teenagers.  Its title is Skinny Dipping and Other Stories, and you can preview the book and order it by clicking the cover picture to the right.

His second book covers Phil and El's tumultuous freshman and sophomore high school years, years of gut-wrenching apartness and deep temptations.  You can read some of those stories by clicking here, or order the complete collection, titled Into Joy From Sadness, by clicking the cover picture to the right.  Either way, you're in for a treat.

Lastly, he has another collection in the works.  Phil and El will have grown and moved into careers.  Visit this page from time to time to see if Gene posts some of those stories. 

Click to view or order Skinny Dipping and Other Stories by Gene Moser

Click to view or order Into Joy from Sadness by Gene Moser

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